The purpose of the activity of the Department of Banking
Is the training of specialists of basic qualification for the financial and banking system of the country, with modern knowledge of the functioning of financial markets and financial institutions; Capable of solving complex problems facing the business, to ensure economic development and enhance social responsibility.
On the specialty:
Among the general professional disciplines of the banking faculty students study the whole spectrum of economic disciplines: the organization's economy, statistics, management, documentary support of the bank, finances, money circulation and credit, accounting, organization of accounting in banks, analysis of financial and economic activities, fundamentals of economic theory. From the professional modules of the college of banking it will be necessary to master the conduct of settlement operations, the implementation of credit operations.

Future Qualification Banking Specialist
Future Professions Bank Agent | Banker | Bank employee | Accountant | Cashier |
Savings Bank Controller | Credit Consultant | Operationalist | Back-office specialist |
Specialist of the lending department | Financial Manager | Economist

What will they teach?
• Create and process accounting documents, fill in the accounting registers
• To form the accounting statements of the organization
• Make bank account agreements with customers
• Open and close personal accounts in domestic and foreign currency
• Maintain a file of unpaid accounting documents
• Make out statements from clients' personal accounts
• To forecast cash turnover

• Perform and execute transactions to return amounts incorrectly credited to customer
• Advise clients on the issues of opening bank accounts, settlement operations, the use
of various types of payment cards
• Make out payment cards to customers
• Perform international settlements for export-import transactions
• Carry out inter-bank settlements
• Analyze the financial position of the borrower and its solvency
• Draw up a schedule of payments on the loan and interest, draw up documents for
open accounts and issuing loans of various types
• To register and keep records of overdue loans and interest, including accounting for
written-off overdue loans and interest
• Carry out operations on the interbank loans market
• Form and adjust reserves for possible loan losses
Important teaching subjects

Accounting | Fundamentals of Management | Banking
Operations | Banking security | Theory of Economic Analysis | Statistics | Finance,
money circulation and credit | Accounting in banks | Basics of bank audit
Practice of students

During the period of study, students specializing in "Banking" (basic level) must undergo compulsory educational and two production (on the profile of specialty and pre-diploma) practice. They take place in banks, credit organizations, financial institutions, insurance companies, stock exchanges, planning departments, investment design departments of various organizations.